High Arch Insoles For Sport Shoes

10 JOD
  • One pair
  • Lightweight durable orthotic high arch support insoles for adults made of high grade EVA material and Polyester material.
  • Firm foot arch support of 3.2 cm height that relieves pain and symptoms associated with many foot conditions like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, high arch and low arch 
  • The top layer is soft , breathable material and absorbs sweat.
  • Premium design to support the arch, flexible ,comfortable and features a cushion pad under the heel to absorb shock and reduce stress on heels.
  • Suitable for sport shoes, casual shoes and boots.
  • Available in two sizes (small and large) that can be cut to fit the right size.
  • Instructions: remove the original insoles of your shoes, insert the new insoles, trim them if needed to fit the right size.

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