Elbow support with silicone pads

  • One piece
  • The compression elbow sleeve designed to improve the blood circulation and reduce the the inflammation, swelling soreness and stiffness
  • It features silicone inserts on both inner and outer side for extra support and protection 
  • The elbow sleeves are designed to prevent elbow injuries like tendonitis, joint inflammation, tennis elbow and other elbow injuries and to protect injured elbows.
  • Durable, breathable and lightweight soft nylon material that let you wear it for a long time with confidence and maximum protection during all your daily activities at home, work, sports, and exercise.
  • Suitable for men an women 


  •                   Size     Elbow circumference
                    Small     23-25 cm
                  Medium       26-28 cm
                    Large     29-31 cm

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